"I don’t mean to seem like I care about material things…I just want four walls and adobe slabs for my girls."

I Saw Water - Tigers Jaw
Today I needed a break
My friends are up in mountains
And I’m drowning in lakes

Part 1 Part 2


Anthony Green . 08.28.2014 . Instagram

"Wrote poems with the incredibly talented @christopherpoindexter, go to his account to read his amazing work and the first half of this collaboration piece that he wrote."

There was a man at the fire who spoke soft through a beard. 
To him I reached out my hand as he was holding back tears. 
I said “I’m looking for something.” He told me, “I’m searching, too.” And then out spilled the words: if you help me then I’ll help you. 
Call it a promise—it’s something that I won’t forget. Tell if I follow, you’ll take me home to hold my love again.


You’re everything I know, I always knew you’d be. You make me feel at home.