So Damn good!! #NowSpinning #ohdaughter #LiveAtAir #LiveOrchestra


So Damn good!!
#NowSpinning #ohdaughter #LiveAtAir #LiveOrchestra

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you can now stream shallow at hype machine

official release is september 30

preorder here // digital, cd, or vinyl

this album is a big piece of my little heart and i’m so grateful to every one of you who have made it possible through all kinds of small and wide encouragement and love and support~

sea oleena’s perfection

POZ Discussion: The Don’t Miss Tours This Fall



Warped Tour is in the rear view and fall is steadily approaching with more great tours than normal. Whether it’s SA/STD/REGGIE, The GK Tour, or the HOPE Tour, there’s a little something for everyone this upcoming season. We decided to put together a new PropertyOfZack Discussion on all the “must see” tours this fall, so check them out below and feel free to reblog with the tours you can’t wait to see!


The reasons that this tour is 100% The Tour of the Year are severalthousandfold. Here are three of them:

1) About 3 years ago I remember, very vividly, when Max Bemis tweeted out something along the lines of “You guys gotta know that when 2014 rolls around we’ll be doing one of those 10 year things for IARB, right?” Being that this record is one of my top 10 favorites of all time, not to mention one of the most dynamic and creative records ever adopted by the alternative scene, the anticipation to see it live and in full knows no bounds.

2) Nothing will ever top the perfection that was the Saves the Day Through Being Cool set at Saint Vitus - the Conley cosmos had to be aligned with the rest of the universe for that one. That being said, you can just assign yourself the role of punk’s village idiot if you miss a chance to see this classic record performed in full, especially since this lineup of Saves is a powerhouse and the most stable one they’ve had in years.

3) “Congratulations Smack and Katy.” Also, were you even at any of the Reggie shows earlier this year? James Dewees in character is easily the most delightful thing you’ll see on a stage all year. - Adrienne Fisher


After a little over a year of only ongoing success following
their acclaimed release Youth, Citizen are finally heading out on their first and long-awaited headlining tour featuring other favorites You Blew It, Hostage Calm, Praise, and True Love. This band has a huge amount of buzz around them, and for good reason. Up to this tour, they’ve been killing the music festival scene and playing to huge crowds every night, which is no surprise, considering they have an intense and amazing live sound. Dates in California have already been selling out, and it would seem that for Citizen, things could only continue to go up from here. This is an exceptional live show — a great bill that you definitely won’t want to miss out on this fall. - Brittany Oblak


Manchester Orchestra
The COPE Tour is likely my favorite tour of the year. It had been a decent amount of time since I had seen Manchester Orchestra live. Then I saw them twice, two nights in a row. Somewhere between 2012 and 2014, Manchester Orchestra became the best live band I’ve ever seen. It didn’t hurt that Kevin Devine and Balance & Composure were on the tour too.

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The Antlers - Refuge